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Female Sneakerhead: It’s About Passion. Not Gender.

To show its support for female sneakerheads and create a more inclusive sneaker culture, eBay launched a month-long program dedicated to gender equality in the sneakerhead community for Women’s History Month.

You’ll notice throughout the creative, “FEMALE” has a strikethrough to emphasize that female sneakerheads want to be known for and called... sneakerheads.

To kick things off, eBay collaborated with Esther Wallace of Playa Society (known for her iconic Female Athlete clothing line), to launch a limited-edition line of “Female Sneakerhead” merchandise designed to spark conversation about gender equality within the sneakerhead community, including t-shirts, hoodies and, of course, socks. The program continued with a curated shop featuring notable female sneakerheads and their top sneaker picks. Finally, the program will culminate in a drop of one of the largest and most unique collections of sneakers—2,200 pairs owned by Chicks with Kicks, sold exclusively on eBay.